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Capped Fibre Packages 

Track your usage with a fixed amount of data per month. Pricing includes Line rental and is Month-to-Month.
Topups are charged at R10 per GB

A static IP address can be added for R49 per month.

Service 4/2 Mbps 10/5 Mbps 20/10 Mbps 40/20 Mbps 100/50 Mbps
50 GB R500 R590 R680 R750 R810
100 GB R570 R660 R750 R820 R890
150 GB R650 R740 R830 R900 R970
200 GB R730 R820 R910 R980 R1040
300 GB R880 R970 R1060 R1130 R1200
400 GB R1030 R1120 R1210 R1280 R1350
600 GB R1330 R1420 R1510 R1580 R1650
800 GB R1630 R1720 R1800 R1870 R1950
1000 GB R1930 R2020 R2100 R2180 R2250
1200 GB R2230 R2320 R2400 R2460 R2550
1600 GB R2830 R2920 R3000 R3070 R3250
2000 GB R3430 R3520 R3600 R3670 R3750