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Capped DSL Packages 

DSL is a best effort service and speeds up to the stated speed can be expected dependant on network congestion.
Pricing includes DSL Line rental and is Month-to-Month.

Topups are charged at R10 per GB

A static IP address can be added for R39 per month.

Service 1 Mbps 2 Mbps 4 Mbps 8 Mbps 10 Mbps 20 Mbps 40 Mbps
50 GB R120 R220 R350 R440 R470 R500 R610
100 GB R170 R260 R400 R470 R510 R540 R650
150 GB R215 R310 R435 R520 R560 R590 R700
200 GB R260 R360 R480 R560 R600 R630 R750
300 GB R350 R450 R570 R650 R690 R730 R830
400 GB R450 R540 R660 R750 R780 R820 R930
600 GB R620 R730 R840 R930 R960 R1010 R1130
800 GB R800 R900 R1030 R1100 R1160 R1190 R1330
1000 GB R990 R1080 R1230 R1300 R1320 R1360 R1480
1200 GB R1180 R1270 R1390 R1470 R1520 R1550 R1660
1600 GB R1520 R1620 R1770 R1830 R1880 R1910 R2030
2000 GB R1890 R1990 R2030 R2200 R2230 R2270 R2400