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Capped DSL Packages 

DSL is a best effort service and speeds up to the stated speed can be expected dependant on network congestion.
Pricing includes DSL Line rental and is Month-to-Month.

Topups are charged at R10 per GB

A static IP address can be added for R39 per month.

Service 1 Mbps 2 Mbps 4 Mbps 8 Mbps 10 Mbps 20 Mbps 40 Mbps
50 GB R105 R199 R325 R409 R445 R475 R585
100 GB R145 R239 R379 R445 R485 R515 R625
150 GB R190 R284 R410 R490 R530 R560 R670
200 GB R239 R335 R455 R535 R575 R605 R715
300 GB R326 R419 R545 R625 R669 R699 R805
400 GB R429 R519 R635 R715 R759 R799 R899
600 GB R599 R709 R819 R899 R939 R979 R1099
800 GB R775 R879 R999 R1079 R1129 R1159 R1299
1000 GB R960 R1059 R1189 R1279 R1299 R1339 R1449
1200 GB R1150 R1240 R1369 R1449 R1489 R1519 R1629
1600 GB R1499 R1599 R1739 R1799 R1849 R1879 R1999
2000 GB R1859 R1959 R1999 R2169 R2199 R2239 R2369